Robert Ronnow gratefully acknowledges the use of excerpts from the work of other writers in the following poems:

The Scariest Stanza in All of Poetry
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The Happy Tectonics
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Watching Homer Struggle
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Popper v. Niebuhr
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The World Without the Self
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The force that placed us here cannot be trusted
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Either Way
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The Secret of Quality Is Love
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By the Seat of the Soul's Pants
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Fundamental Physics
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Jack's Commitments
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Get the Most Out of Life of Pi
--Heifetz, Ronald, Leadership Without Easy Answers, Harvard University Press, 1994.
--Martel, Yann, Life of Pi, Mariner Books, 2003, as visualized in the film by Ang Lee.
--Shakespeare, William, Hamlet, III, i, 55-87.

World Order
--Friedman, Thomas L., "What's Their Plan? Obama's Strategy for Fighting ISIS Isn't All About Us", New York Times, September 14, 2014
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All the Worlds There Are
--Wikipedia, "Omega"

Brodmann Area 4
--Gopnik, Alison, "Small Wonders," New York Review of Books, May 6, 1999.
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Purposes as Incomprehensible and Wonderful as These Purposes
--Big Virge, "Troubled Times", All Poetry.
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The Scientific Way To Do Mathematics
--McGinn, Colin, "What Can Your Neurons Tell You?", New York Review of Books, July 11, 2013

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