Plant Identification Database:
Cistaceae (Rockrose)

The plant data on this site are a record of Bob Ronnow's field observations
which vary in accuracy and change with experience. For accurate and complete
information please use the links provided for each plant species and family.

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Common Name
Scientific Name
LV: Arrangement
LV: Attachment
LV: Shape
LV: Size
LV: Form
LV: Edge
LV: Apex
LV: Base
LV: Surface
LV: Venation
LV: Color
FL: Parts
FL: Color
FL: Arrangement
FL: Position
FL: Size
FL: Season
FL: Petals
FL: Sepals
FL: Stamen
FL: Pistil
FL: Ovary
FR: Type
FR: Size
FR: Seed
FR: Color
FR: Season
BU: Scales
BU: Arrangement
BU: Color
BU: Shape
BU: Leaf Scars
ST: Type
ST: Size
ST: Growth
ST: Surface
ST: Color
ST: Pith
ST: Roots
EC: Edible
EC: Habitat
EC: Observations
Cistaceae (Rockrose) Violales Dicotyledonae Alternate Scalelike 5 parts Yellow; Red; Pink numerous (>10)
Frostweed Helianthemum canadense Helianthemum Cistaceae (Rockrose) Violales Dicotyledonae Forest; Coastal
Golden heather Hudsonia ericoides Hudsonia Cistaceae (Rockrose) Violales Dicotyledonae Coastal
Beach-heather; Poverty-grass; False heather; Woolly hudsonia Hudsonia tomentosa Hudsonia Cistaceae (Rockrose) Violales Dicotyledonae Scalelike <1" Tomentose Gray 5 parts Yellow Terminal <1" Spring; Summer Shrub <1' Coastal Cape Cod
Pinweed Lechea maritima Lechea Cistaceae (Rockrose) Violales Dicotyledonae Coastal
Pinweed Lechea villosa Lechea Cistaceae (Rockrose) Violales Dicotyledonae Forest