Robert Ronnow


Everything is normal
so not much to sing or say.
No summer thunder,
the snow was magical only for an hour.

Old men
aren't removing women’s panties with removable dentures.
A belly laugh now and then,
an empty belly’s holy.

With simple joy
people may forget to fear their deaths.
Simply put,
we do not survive. But so what!

I heard an archangel cry
Don’t hurt the trees!
Also, save democracy.
Also, stop barking, believing in that higher power.

What’s Ken doing today?
Watching movies,
planning next Spring’s garden.
It’s Death, not the Jewish king, in your rose garden.

As climates change
species escape predators
and predators chase down prey.
Choose sacrifice or blame.

I look at faces
and they look at mine, mute, animated spirits,
black wet rocks,
victims among flames.

I like my anonymity
lost in my own city,
in the shade of a gazebo,
a mosquito’s acceptance of its position among a million mosquitoes.

Copyright 2021 by Robert Ronnow.