Robert Ronnow
                                                                                                    The Happy Tectonics

                                          Wings of Desire

Last night's Wim Wenders film Wings of Desire, not starring Adam Sandler,
great in the great tradition of Metropolis, Fellini, Children of Paradise, Ikiru, Open City.
This is not comedy though it can be funny overhearing people thinking,

the randomness of thought, data dots, circles with dots, sadness and silliness,
silly sadness, confusion, rarely a clear thought, not one logical
lucid progression. Deep art.

I'd like to do better than my best so far, write something with hydroxyapatite
that won't gather dust then become dust a neuron of
sweetness, an early morning bicyclist, a lost ghost or fallen angel

any form from which death might abstain or forego appetite.
Appearing to meander from subject to subject is my practice. Looking for solutions to
      the equations. Learning the changes then forgetting them.
The expressions emanating from mortal minds are broken stamens, sticky stigmas.

Striving for immortality,
some Spanish philosopher (who looks like Don Quixote)
says he understands and it's alright.

I will read what he wrote and probably agree
but is he immortal? Not his body, but his thoughts.
True, I say, but this also: Not his mind, but his thoughts. Unchanging and finite. Put them
     in a hatbox and pass them on as heirlooms.

To overhear the secret thoughts of others. Sharing and unsharing electrons, disrobing
and bathing. That is the purpose of poetry. Gargoyle twice. Did Wim
give each thought its own voice or use the same voice for all thoughts, every whim.

Copyright 2013 by Robert Ronnow.