Robert Ronnow
                                                                                                     The Happy Tectonics

                              Max Joy Marries Minnie Pain

Kissed his student.
Punched his friend.
Accused her lover.

What if China's navy asserts control where our navy also patrols?
Should we concede the South China Sea? Not on your life! Or maybe.
Lives may be lost but so what. There's so much biomass in the crosswalks.

Lord have mercy on my soul
Which means bring my confusion into an expressible state before it's too late.
Sal went to jail. I belong to the loved ones. Never may the anarchic man's thoughts be
      my thoughts. Not one.

It could be cancer or just a cyst
That killed Frost's considerable speck
Instead of considering its considerable intelligence.

Although bottomless ancient night stretches
From your short life forward, remember
It also stretches backward without measure.

There are few straight lines in nature and only one alternative to ageing, so suck it up!
Suppose everything's fine and you've wasted your time wearing sackcloth over your
Start now knowing joy.

Copyright 2014 by Robert Ronnow.