Robert Ronnow
                                                                                              Communicating the Bird

                                                Year Million

Standing at back of cafeteria during youth basketball awards ceremony
This is my community.
“What you do may not seem important but it is very important that you do it.”

The men and women bringing the boys and girls a step to wisdom.
Win or lose, play your best and treat your opponent with respect.
Maybe the school principal can explain the ultimate mystery?

The women cannot be this chaste! The men so committed to non-violence!
What is the board president alone in her bedroom.
Coach Strong and his blowsy frowsy wife?

They put much emotion and gratification aside to get things done. Done for their sons and
     done for their daughters.
Visit the web site! Buy a raffle ticket! Belong to the loved ones!
I follow distantly. I watch warily. I have not been asked to lead or lift a load.

Sitting in a chair in a corner of a room at the top of a house near the end of a street on the
     edge of a city at the mouth of a river,
Estuary of ocean, ocean of atmosphere, pierced by a meteor bringing ore and organisms,
     incinerating elements and rototilling ecosystems,
Everything changes but consciousness.

The kids of course are perfect as animals in habitats.
In light of these basketball certificates, team spirits,
Time, our moment, is indeed "the mercy of eternity."

Copyright 2012 by Robert Ronnow.