Robert Ronnow
                                                               Belonging to the Loved Ones

                              Fear and Awe

Spring. Same plants, same order.
Monday morning, open for business.
Tractor-trailers, day care centers.
Every leaf that's coming out is out.

To tonight's town meeting I will go unaware and foolish.
It's delicious, the unimportance of my feelings.
Even our particular war is small.
Europe had one last a century.

Hubble photos of events 13 billion years ago
Do not put me in mind of the species' insignificance.
Just the opposite having witnessed the universe's birth.
But birth from what preceding state? God again rears his hoary head.

They say one must let go and will let go,
That God will decide what tragedy you need.
Not every seed becomes a flower,
Not every branch breaks out like a trombone breaking away from the orchestra.

While the ancient Romans wrote of love
The ancient Britons wrote of war.
The Romans should have been perfecting their republic.
No god could do that work for them.

The November moth's the fall cankerworm--Alsophilia pometaria--
Slender-bodied, beige, beginning life as the well known inchworm.
In our war more children may have died than would have had Saddam
      survived fear and awe.
We can never know because we're there.

Copyright 2007 by Robert Ronnow.