Charles North

                        Air and Angels

Sine qua non of bed wetting
Sire of too-close recall, conquering mastiff

The one that got away, of obloquy,
Compressor of doubt into a herd of gold

Genius of the herdsman, sex of the idiot,
Rheingold of disaster, litigant of hardened arteries

Spearhead of the most devastating alliances
The widow of despair (widow's peak of kindness)

And cleanliness, that hair trigger
Speech, once it is judged halcyon, hair space

The covenant kindles, slice of life
In the homophonous descent towards cover,

That flaws the vandal and brings the liaison to grief
By tilting the atoms of its attachment,

There, among the revivalism finery, beyond the fertile
Awe that makes an axiom of opacity, and beyond

Distraction peals in the lymph of gazes, glazed
Gender pudding that gavels the fall-out, as

In Buck Rogers; Rhenish; Hebrew euphony that
Startles; Chartism of Icarus, towards that copper reticle

Trifling with hate, havoc's cognate, to certainty,
Junta that films its dog days, bright tiger eye

Charles North, New and Selected Poems, Sun & Moon Press,