Tom Koontz

So It Happens/As It Happens

Happens you push me away
again. Happens you do. Does it
happen my heart goes to folding
its valves? Happens my face
turns mis-happening blue? Well,
it happens the sun disappears
every night. Happens the dark
of the year. Happens that
spring gets pushed clear
out of sight. Happens the far
getting pushed by the near.
Happens become comes a
pushing at be. Happens
that time's pushing all
stop'n go out of me.
Happens a bird wing
be pushing the air.
Happens a flea falls!
Happens I care?
Happens the moon goes to pushing
the sea much more often
than you push at me. But
it happens, you push me,
it happens you do. Well then
happen you push just as much
as you must. ‘Cause it happens
that something keeps pushing
me right back at you.

Tom Koontz, An Ordinary World.