Marcus Jackson

                  Full-Time Driver

I took every hour they offered, delivering
lukewarm pizzas by means of an '86
LeSabre, the back tires almost bald.
Managers rarely yelled or wore me out
about moving too slow. When we blundered
orders, most customers understood.
My brother worked there too. He was beautiful.
I should've kissed him, one good forehead kiss
while such a gesture might've mattered.
Women, shoeless in their doorways, gave me
resigned smiles as they paid. Undergraduate
smokers proposed hits of their burning herb.
The richest part was when business
would ebb, and I'd coast the summer streets.
The air felt like a cool fruit. The engine block
churned a sure tune. The rearview caught
moments of low moons. Time was a tame lake
my hand skimmed from the front of a canoe.

Marcus Jackson, Rockhurst Review, Issue 29.