Anonymous, c. ?


The wind keens on the bare hill;
The ford is froar, and the lake
Is hoar-crusted. A man's ilk
Might stand on a single stalk.

Comber after comber comes
To cover the shore. The gale
Hovers over the hill: owls
Crying. One cannot stand tall.

The bed of the fish is cold
In the ice where they shelter.
Reeds are bearded; the stag, starved.
Trees bow in the early dusk.

Snow falls, and the earth is pale.
Warriors sit near their fires.
The lake is a dim defile:
No warmth is in its color.

Snow falls; the hoarfrost is white;
The shield is idle upon
The old man's shoulder. The wind
Freezes the grass with its whine.

Snow falls on top of the ice.
Wind sweeps the crest of the trees
Standing close. On his shoulder
The brave fighter's fine shield shines.

     Welsh; a modern version of a Medieval poem
     by 'Wesli Court' aka Lewis Turco

Welsh; a modern version of a Medieval poem by 'Wesli Court' aka Lewis Turco, The New Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics, Third Edition, University Press of New England, 2000, by permission of the author.