Robert Ronnow
                                                                                                     Long As You're Living

                                                Out of Emptiness

Out of emptiness comes this:
Purposes as incomprehensible and wonderful as these purposes
Either you had no purpose or the purpose is beyond the end

Because the watch not only serves a purpose, it is adapted to that purpose
Except it was a secret purpose
The world is a mental activity, a dream of souls, without foundation, purpose, weight
      or shape

People in collective idleness are even more repellent than when purpose motivates them
God, glass, my townspeople! For what purpose?
His purpose and mine is to catch photons and store them in our bones

Lately I have thought about our war and its purpose
To have a season for every purpose, Ecclesiastes was wrong about that
Languages of mammals, purposes of insects, placement of rocks

They purpose nothing but their ease and die urgently beating east to sunrise and the sea
Having died, as such, I find I do not mind quiet living with the purpose of a cell
Stately purposes, valor in battle, glorious annals of army and fleet, death for the right

My friend who is counselor to kings and presidents doesn't worry about purpose
To what purpose, April, do you return again?
Not to say there is no purpose necessarily, just I don't immediately get it

The purpose of sitting is not to be satisfied or satiated
Use of violence by the local militia for a limited purpose, protect the young from the
      janjaweed, the crop from the weed
The knight, the penitent misses last assessment of life's purpose, babbling for God to

I mean your entire purpose should be living. You must take living seriously.
Sleep with a purpose
Lose all purpose beyond murder, child sex and food hording

Proof that there's a purpose set before the secret working mind
Having purposefully expunged from it every trace of emotion
What is relevant for our present purpose is counting is associated with primitive forms
      of writing

Unable to assess the purpose of the battle
Desperate for new fetuses to teach purposeful workmanlike killing
He will live with the question What was our purpose?

Organize the unemployed, the welfare mothers and alcoholics into a flying chevron of
      purposeful explorers
If we are not at home in the world, contributing purpose, we lose our desire to stay here--
      and we die
Their corners sharp, their lines exact, as if their purpose was to show the plane geometry
      of snow

That's when everything becomes clear. Purpose v. purposelessness matters less.
My strong heart I abandoned to its own purpose
Lonely physics, national purpose

This then is the purpose of purposelessness (and of eating less)!
A shape less recognizable each week, a purpose more obscure
That is the purpose of poetry. Gargoyle twice.

For the distant purposes of Henry Ford
The purpose of school is to introduce us to the world's innumerable wonders
The men who left the machine have started their own business. A new endeavor by
      which they will keep warm and purposeful.

The purpose of poetry is to remind us how difficult it is to remain just one person
Let Greece then know my purpose I retain, nor vex with new treaties my peace in vain,
And shake the purpose of my soul no more

Copyright 2016 by Robert Ronnow. Acknowledgements.