Robert Ronnow
                                                                                                         Long As You're Living

                                                       Dull Howl

Trilling found Ginsberg's incendiary poem "Howl" the opposite of shocking. He called it dull.
At that time the Vietnam War had not yet atomized.
Last night's movie, made for Veteran's Day, WWII platoon, Guadalcanal, was also dull,
      banal. See Big Red One
for the original. It's sanitized compared to Private Ryan
but no one plays Sarge like Lee Marvin.
Except, perhaps, my father, a Robert Mitchum lookalike, known for
his belief daily life is low intensity warfare. In his later years
reincarnation occupied his thoughts.
I like a young man's anger
but his innocent fear, recognition upon receiving the bullet
is impossible to bear. If you loved him as a son.
Therefore, it is the older man's responsibility to protect, not
as a hard-charging archangel, my joints couldn't stand it, or hero
but as a rational participant, cool, caring and completely
zeroed in. Unafraid
of the infinite stupidity surrounding him. Pleased
and blessed to be among us. Thrilling, never
a dull moment.

Copyright 2017 by Robert Ronnow.