Robert Ronnow
                                                The Happy Tectonics

      Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate

I'm thinking about rhyme and meter
but also my kidneys and my liver.

The nation-state and the failed state
and whether killers should be executed

or forgiven. Meditate on this: Thy
will be done. Do what has to be done

don't ask why. Clean the dishes and the house.
Will I be left to my own resources

or will all be given? Nevermind
what you can't imagine. Living's

life's priority. Friends are merely friendly,
they're in the majority. Loneliness

is the default position. Rain happens.
We supply the reasons.

How do people process their lives without art?
By caring not.

yr autobiography.

In olden days, if you couldn't stand to pee
the family buried you under the pecan tree.

Copyright 2013 by Robert Ronnow.