Robert Ronnow
                                                                                                                    The Happy Tectonics

                                                      Brodmann Area 4

The debate between free will and fate has taken a hard right
turn to neuroscience, Brodmann area 4 the primary motor
cortex of the brain located in the posterior frontal lobe
(the one cut out of the one who once flew over the cuckoo's nest).
This area of the cortex has the pattern of an homunculus!
a little man, a troll, the all-wise, mandragon, the golem of Jewish folklore.

This little man has a penis that, when fully engorged, is
equal in size to his entire body. However, diseases
such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Lou Gehrig's and Creutzfeldt-Jakob
are gunning for him. His basal ganglia are garbled
and he ends up giving poor advice and making bad decisions.
Who can say what happens to his soul or cells or if all will be given or well?

I was listening to the famous astronomer on public radio
who expressed the certainty there is no death, your soul
is immortal, it exists outside of time (but not space?). That's because
time exists only in the human mind (as does the entire universe
including the professional baseball season which is canceled when you're dead).
By Spring, my problems will be solved or ignored, either way is good.

"Imagine if we taught baseball the way we teach science. Until they were twelve children would
read about baseball technique and occasionally hear inspirational stories of the great baseball
players. They would answer quizzes about baseball rules. They would practice fundamental
baseball skills, throwing the ball to second base twenty times in a row. Undergraduates might
be allowed under strict supervision to reproduce historic baseball plays. But only in graduate school
would they, at last, actually get to play a game." --Alison Gopnik

Groundhog holds the knowledge of death without dying
for man needs help from every creature born.
Will the holocaust wipe the smile off the face of our romantic comedy
or will laughter outlast the outburst?
About the dark times will there be singing?
Yes, there will be singing and some of the songs will be sidesplitting.

Solving the murder reveals the city. Nature of kinships and economic sustenance,
who loves whom and why, when things happened and how they lost and found themselves
in what happened. Because a meter-making argument cannot appear
from nothingness, purposelessness, just cold.
He does not go where he was supposed to go. He is in the desert, Sonoran desert, counting cactus
      buds and ocotillo blooms.
This is the afterlife for which he has always longed.

Copyright 2015 by Robert Ronnow. Acknowledgements.