Robert Ronnow
                                                                                 Belonging to the Loved Ones

                              The Recent and Long Dead

November is sweet, sunshine through bare trees, dry brown and fungus-free leaves
      companionably visiting among the dead
as I did yesterday our town's small graveyard military dads who recently died lie
      under polished stones embossed with actual photos of themselves and their wives
      flowers and plastic totems within a miniature picket fence overflowing with the
      emotions love and grieving of the living
beside or not far from simple wafer-thin old moss-covered stones on which I could
      not read the names.
Such peace I realized which may be found around any rock or tree has escaped me
      while I pursue my particular happiness and our particular war,
and such a blessing awaits me, too.

Copyright 2007 by Robert Ronnow.