Laura Riding

      Summary for Alastor

Because my song was bold
And you knew but my song,
You thought it must belong
To one brave to behold.

But finding me a shy
And cool and quiet Eve,
You scarcely would believe
The fevered singer was I.

And you caressed the child
That blushed beneath your eyes,
Hoping you might surprise
The hidden heart and wild.

And being only human,
A proud, impetuous fool
Whose guise alone was cool,
I let you see the woman.

Yet, though I was beguiled
Through being all too human,
I'm glad you had the woman
And not the trustful child.

For though the woman's weeping
And still must weep awhile,
The dreaming child can smile
And keep on safely sleeping.

Laura Riding, eds. Elizabeth Friedman, Alan
J. Clark and Robert Nye, First Awakenings:
The Early Poems of Laura Riding, Persea
Books, 1992.