E.J. Pratt

      Come Not the Seasons Here

Comes not the springtime here,
      Though the snowdrop came,
And the time of the cowslip is near,
      For a yellow flame
Was found in a tuft of green;
      And the joyous shout
Of a child rang out
      That a cuckoo's eggs were seen.

Comes not the summer here,
      Though the cowslip be gone,
Though the wild rose blow as the year
      Draws faithfully on;
Though the face of the poppy be red
      In the morning light
And the ground be white
      With the bloom of the locust shed.

Comes not the autumn here,
      Though someone said
He found a leaf in the sere
      By an aster dead;
And knew that the summer was done,
      For a herdsman cried
That his pastures were brown in the sun,
      And his wells were dried.

Nor shall the winter come,
      Though the elm be bare,
And every voice be dumb
      On the frozen air;
But the flap of the waterfowl
      In the marsh alone,
Or the hoot of a horned owl
      On a glacial stone.

E.J. Pratt, Selected Poems of E.J. Pratt,
Macmillan Company of Canada, 1968.