Paul Goodman

I Planned To Have A Border Of Lavender

I planned to have a border of lavender
but planted the bank too of lavender
and now my whole crazy garden
      is grown in lavender

it smells so sharp heady and musky
of lavender, and the hue of only
lavender is all my garden up
      into the gray rocks.

When forth I go from here the heedless lust
I squander–and in vain for I am stupid
and miss the moment–it has blest me silly
      when forth I go

and when, sitting as gray as these gray rocks
among the lavender, I breathe the lavender's
tireless squandering, I liken it
      to my silly lusting,

I liken my silly indefatigable
lusting to the lavender which has grown over
all my garden, banks and borders, up
      into the gray rocks.

Paul Goodman, Collected Poems, Random House,